Background: My boss was taking Advil™ and wanted to see how often he’s allowed to take them, so he read the back of the label and was startled by the first line.

  • have 3 or more alcoholic drinks every day while using this product

So hoping to increase their sales perhaps? “Sorry dear, I had to take an Advil™, so I HAVE to have this Johnny Walker Black.”

EDIT: and a Video for those who don’t believe it was a real bottle.

YouTube Preview Image

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7 Comments on I love that Advil advises us to drink

  1. Sippin Syrup says:

    I just ran across this today and started laughing. I’m considering buying Advil by the lot because of it. LOL

  2. Doug Herich says:

    They just want you to feel better!

  3. Doug Herich says:

    Come on people, above the suggestions is a large moniker that states Do NOT….

  4. Yes, do not use if SEAL is broken. I think its just a case a typo made its way into the system and a word is missing.

  5. Erik says:

    I just read the warning online and it says STOMACH BLEEDING CAN OCCUR IF YOU:
    -have 3 or more alcoholic beverages

  6. Nice that they have one that makes sense online…

    They may want to take a look at their bottle labeling…

  7. james mata says:

    I have the same content on my bottle. I think we have a law case. I say $20000, each. Who is on board

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