Alex King has written a number of plugins, including ones used on this site. So it was with interest I read about his latest contract project for Yahoo.? He was asked to help code a plugin to integrate a number of Yahoo’s services in WordPress with a plugin called Yahoo Shortcut’s.

The examples he gave where sorta ok, but I don’t write giving stock information or normally selling products. So two of the biggest would be wasted on me. But the Flickr integration and some of the other tools seemed interesting so I installed it.

So far it seems interesting. It scans your post and offers things that can be used to give more… content to it. Not writing the post per say, but more adding to it.? I love this idea. The reason I had installed the Amazon Plugin was that I wanted to be able to simply pull book, CD or Movie covers into posts when writing about them. And to have a plugin that scans and offers to do that for me? I like…

So far I’ve gotten to this paragraph and it’s automatically found 2 “Shortcuts” that can be used in this article. In preview it looks like it added a bunch of garbage. I’ll go ahead and post this, and see how it comes out. I know when I previewed what it suggested it looked like it was just a search box with Amazon prefilled in (Rainforest?) so I ignored it.

Edit: I copy, cleaned it up, pasted and left it with default settings to see if it cleaned up the post. FYI – It also has some minor conflicts with the Tiger Admin Theme.

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